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We create and provide customized retail solutions for product creators and entrepreneurs to learn how to do mass market retail

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We offer a suite of solutions ranging from AI chatbots, AI automations, digital marketing, and virtual coaching service solutions

Experts Solutions

We offer expert based courses, and private consulting custom made for your situation in order to help you achieve greater

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We have a proven track record of years of success online, in retail stores, offline events, and satisfied clients

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Consulting Packages

We offer unique consulting packages based on your goals and needs. These range from one time sessions, monthly packaged sessions, and a package of services. Learn More.

ChatBot Development

We will build your own chatbot for your business so you can use it on Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger, Telegram, your website, plus it will be powered with ChatGPT to answer questions on your behalf. Learn More.

Business Development

We offer complete A to Z online business development services which includes: AI automations, copywriting, sales funnels, graphic design, mobile app development, chatbot + email + SMS marketing, and more. Learn More.

Our Digital Solutions

Online Business Activator

Learn how to activate your ideas into a conscious online or retail business like we did, and learn the in depth A – Z blueprint to activate your own online or retail business.


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We offer a selection of digital ebooks, online courses, as well as online coaching and consulting services to help you create more solutions in your life and business.

Digital Product Solutions


We offer high quality retail product solutions via our online store. Shop with us and get your Greatness Activator gear today so you can represent greatness.

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Michael Overdeliver Baptiste brought me back on track with my business and now:
– Finally parted ways with my corporate job of 9.5 years
– Up to $16230 in coaching sales from just 3 clients
You can do this, even if you have a husband, 2 children aged 3 and 1 and work 4 days a week. Thank you Michael for being on this journey with me since 2014!! So grateful to have you in my life. I’m so excited with what the rest of this year and beyond has to offer!

Rochelle Odubela, Digital Marketing Conversion Specialist

Thanks Michael, I started participating in his program, and I actually went through his course. Within that 1st week I got my 1st high ticket client. I was so amazed, amused, and proud of myself because I didn’t think it was possible. And then this month I got my first $5,000 client! Michael I cannot thank you enough! I highly recommend working with Michael.

Monique Johnson, FB Live Stream Strategist

Within 2 weeks of talking with Michael and having a little bit of coaching, I was able to close my first $5,000 sale, and for me that was absolutely life changing. Michael really knows his stuff, and I am very thankful for everything that he did for me and for people in general. Take advantage of everything that Michael brings to the table. Thanks brother, talk to you soon.”

Troy Paull

Want to see more testimonials? Visit our branded platform to see more reviews of our success stories.


Why Choose Us


We dedicate all of our resources into your project to help you move closer to your desired outcome, with a smile, skill, precision, diligence, and love.


We have more than a decade of professional experience in digital marketing, we know how to get results because we are professionals that can help you today.


You’ll be supported each step along the way with your project. Our main focus is to help you get THROUGH the finish line, and not just to the finish line.

Let Us Help You Be Greater And Take
Everything To The Next Level

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